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Paras shredder plants are the most ideal technology-enabled means of shredding and recycling resources as well as scrap metals and non-ferrous materials.

They are designed to offer most modern and cost-efficient shredding and recycling. As a result of our involvement in constant development of our products, our shredder plants are known for their technical resourcefulness with decades of engineering experience.

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Paras’ range of shredders include:

  • Pre-shredders;
  • Scrap shredders; and
  • Grinder mills.

These products have gone through decades of engineering experience, world-class performance and unmatchable dependability, consistency and incomparable cost-efficiency in the industry.

  • We provide comprehensive and broad service which covers full turnkey design, manufacturing and installation of new integrated facilities to the plant operator. We also supply replacement rotors and wear parts.
  • Our highly qualified and experienced engineers are often ready to make themselves available on sites to provide solutions to modernize and increase production output and efficiency.
  • We recognize the demanding and strenuous requirements of processing heavy grades of scrap metal. You do not have to worry as our highly dependable plant is designed to meet such requirements and more. We have advanced and state-of-the-art mill geometry and one-touch computerized control system that provide high throughput with low power consumption.
  • We also offer complete dissolution of materials in order to create the best separation and non-ferrous product yield.
  • All our equipment are up to standard and meet all present and future environmental requirements. This is why they are able to extract and suppress dust easily and offer good control techniques.


  • Flexible control: Our pre-shredder, which is often installed upstream from the shredder, gives the operator opportunity to get the material ready for the shredder and allows them to control the feed rate. This makes the materials flow through the shredder uniformly, yielding product of higher density.
  • High Throughput: Our shredders are designed to process high quality scrap metal to the tune of 105 t/h in bulk or baled form.
  • Full recovery of copper content: Through our vast experience, proficiency and knowledge coupled with the fact that we are a leader in technology, we are able to fully recover a high-quality low-copper content ferrous product and couple them to the highest grade of non-ferrous residue.
  • Ensuring low dust emissions: We are able to achieve this through the designing, manufacturing and installation of modern and high-tech scrap shredder air-cleaning system.
  • Environmental requirements and standards: We ensure that all our plants meet all present and future environmental regulations and requirements. This is achieved through closed control system – a set of mechanical/electronic devices that automatically regulates a process to a desired state without human interaction.
  • Separation plant configurations: We have exceptional separation plant configurations that recover metals which are then coupled to useful off-life SLF (Shredder Light Fraction) processing substitutes.
  • High market standard: Our shredder plants are developed in full compliance with the standards guiding the use cooling scrap in the steel industry.