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Paras’ Inspection and Conditional Lines are high speed process lines designed to detect internal and external defects on bars and to remove them. The lines meet the requirements for inspection and defections of hot rolled SBQ bars before they can be processed.

They have the capacity to successfully absorb a large part of the bars which are produced by a typical modern rolling mill. This explains why they are very important to improve and verify the quality of the hot-rolled product prior further processing.

inspection and conditioning lines


  • Paras drawing plant has many reference plants that meet the requirements for calibration of hot rolled material in diverse shapes (hexagon, square, round, and flat profiles) for both coil to bar and bar to bar.
  • For small and medium size profiles, coil to bar is known to be the best drawing method. The distinct Paras chain track system is able to achieve speeds up to 180 m/min for ferrous materials.
  • Paras bar to bar drawing plants, which are installed in line with strengthening, chamfering, cut-to-length and bundling/packaging systems, have the capacity to draw 3 bars at the same time.