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Metal Refining Konverter, known as MRK, is a refining equipment used for decarburizing high carbon steel to produce stainless steel, low carbon alloy steel and as well as plain carbon steel of highest quality.

The molten steel, which is deduced from furnace (Electric Arc Furnace or Induction Furnace) is filled into ladle. It is then simultaneously turned into the converter with the assistance of crane.

Metal Refining Konverters

Prior to the pouring of the molten metal, its temperature and chemical composition must be analyzed. The molten steel is then refined as required by the analysis by adding alloys and fluxes.


MRK is can be used for varying applications.

  • MRK is used to make different grades of stainless steel and alloy steel. The process is economical and is done through high carbon Fe alloy and mild steel scrap and sponge iron.
  • It is used for decarburization.
  • MRK is an economical way of using AOD (Air-Oxygen- Inert gas Decarburization) process to make stainless steel out of mild steel, high cast iron melt and alloy steel.
  • It reduces the cost of production by using dry air as process gas.
  • The PLC based gas mixing station of MRK produces flow measurements compensated for pressure and temperature variation.


  • MRK has a recording facility which helps to improve traceability, quality, dependability and repeatability.
  • It equally has by-pass valve which guarantees safe operation.
  • It has a completely suspended drive mechanism that minimizes vibration to the foundation.
  • The recorded data of gases and pressure, which can be printed out, can be used to monitor the heat-making process and composition.
  • The operator can monitor the online costing of heat from far distances.


  • MS plates: MRK has boiler quality MS plates which are used for fabrication of MRK vessel.
  • Dual brakes: It also has dual brakes which provide greater safety.
  • Trunion rind and shaft: Its trunion ring and shaft are specifically designed from special alloys and all its welded portions are Completely X-ray scanned.
  • Planetary gear box: Its planetary box is used to improve space.
  • Feeding system: This is used to charge the Ferro alloy non-stop as well as scrap at a slow ratio ratio.
  • Torque arm: This is utilized to silent vibration on foundation and gear box.