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Paras offers multi-stand slit rolling system that meets customer needs and specifications. Our designs are highly versatile and are used to produce beams, channels, angles, shipbuilding sections, special sections, and sheet piles.


Our section mills are also suitable for smaller beams, channels, angles, flats and special sections and adapted to suit customer needs.

We have designed and supplied bar and section mills of different types and sizes for our customers and clients across the world. These bar and section mills are also for semi-finished products – billets, blooms, and others. With our billet mills, production of stainless steel products of matchless quality is possible.

  • The slit rolling system is a combination of a superior pass design and guide equipment to shape and separate the billet 2, 3, 4, or 5 individual strands longitudinally.
  • The next process is the rolling of the strands to the finished size in the finishing mill stands which are cut into several lengths at the same time and put into the cooling bed via the normal ‘apron-type’ entry roller table.
  • Paras also has multi-product rolling mills which are capable of producing more than 200 sizes of bars, light sections and coils in a single rolling mill.
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Over the years, we have also designed and provided turn-key solutions for rolling mills and mill commissioning for bar and section according to the customers’ designs, needs and specifications which allowed them to meet market demands.