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Modern Steel Making process

Leading Industrial company

Paras is a global company that provides diverse products and services in all sections of foundries, steel and heat treatment industries. As a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of several products including Iron and Steel Making Equipment, Flat Products Making Equipment, and Long Products Making Equipment, Paras has decades of practical experience, activities and consistency in the industry.

Our approach is entirely customer centric as we produce complete solutions during pre and post sales service operations. Our team of experts and engineers are highly trained, vast, versatile and experienced and we are the first choice of industry players as mini steel plant maker. We have and still supplying products throughout the world, as our network knows no bounds.

Our Values

  • Professionalism
  • We hold our customers and clients in high esteem. Starting from the first step of production or service delivery to customer service and relation, our touch of finesse, meticulousness, and detail-oriented service is evident.

  • Trust and Integrity
  • We never doubt our customers or their process, so we see our dealing with them as a long-term partnership that cannot be truncated by distrust but is upheld by mutual respect and trustworthiness.

  • Productivity
  • All our products are produced to increase yield and productivity, and they are tested for 3Qs – quality, quantity, and quickness.

  • Quality
  • Every product and service we provide goes through a complete and thorough quality control measure, and specific industry standards and norms.

Our Mission

Modern Steel Making process

To design very fast, flexible, efficient and productive pre and post customized service solutions through implementation of advanced technologies, modernization, and systems automation that meet customer needs and market requirements.

Our Vision

Modern Steel Making process

To be a global leader in the metals industry by providing world-class solutions through innovative most modern equipment and services to ensure high quality, productivity, ease of operation and maintenance, using customer-centric approach.

Our Experience

Modern Steel Making process
Automation Delivery

With several years of experience and expertise in mechanical equipment, Paras has delivered hundreds of automation and control systems across various countries of the world.

We don’t just provide electrical and automation solutions but also tailor them to meet your specific needs, as well as the requirements of the metallurgical and rolling mills industry.

Our systems are tested and optimized under real conditions for modernizations and new plants.

Modern Steel Making process
Mining Equipment Delivery to Dubai

Paras has delivered high quality and productive mining equipment to Dubai and other countries on countless occasions. Some of these equipment include dragline excavator used to move large amounts of material; excavator shovel that excavates land, or load, lifts, rotates and unloads materials by the action of the spoon, fixed to a set formed by boom and arm or rocker arm, and wheel tractor scrapers used for transporting earth from one direction to another.

Modern Steel Making process
Factory Setup Automation

Paras offers and sets up innovative automation and control systems that cover a range of our products – iron ore, processing long and flat products.

We also design, distribute and install electrical distribution systems for the industry based on the required standards. More so, we produce exceptional sensors and instruments that meet market demands for cost effectiveness, easy adaptation to modern technologies and other essential requirements.

Our automation and electrical systems are designed and tested for quality, quantity and quickness. We are focused on meeting and satisfying the needs and requirements of our customers.