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Iron & Steel Making Equipment

Paras is a global leader in the metal industry, having insight, foresight, innovation and quality as our driving force. We have supplied the world’s most extensive portfolio of innumerable direct reduction, scrap processing, melting, refining and recovery plants in Dubai and several other countries.

The wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience we have built over a decade have given us the reputation of meeting customers’ needs and requirements, as well as, the current and projected demands of the market.

Long Products Making Equipment

Paras offers innovative casting, rolling, tube, pipes, extrusion, forging, and finishing lines which enhance long-term high casting speeds at a consistently high level of quality.

These casting technologies have placed us as the leading technology in the industry where we are known for utmost professionalism with full compliance with all standards and statutory.

Flat Products Making Equipment

Paras has successfully designed and commissioned a broad range of casting, rolling, processing and finishing technologies which are widely regarded in the market for their high performance, flexibility, low maintenance and operating costs, environmental compliance, outstanding productivity, unrivaled quality and long service life.

We are a leader in today’s technology, automation, and modernization specialists and our solutions cover all metallurgical process chain for manufacturing all grades of steels.