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Our Customer Services

As a customer-centric organisation, Paras provides complete advanced service solutions and consultancies, ranging from technical support, onsite onboarding, to staff training and automation. This total package covers the entire product value chain and enhances plant operating performance all through the process.

  • We have a network of sales and service centres spread across Nigeria and other countries offering complete pre and post services solutions, swift and timely assistance when the need arises.
  • Our unwavering desire is to continue to meet the present and projected needs of our customers all over the world irrespective of their locations and requirements.
  • We have a systemic comprehensive maintenance approach developed to support our customers to boost and enhance maintenance performance.
  • Our team of experts has also developed a system that monitors the condition of equipment and assists in controlling the status of machines during operation.
  • We offer online and offline remote support 24/7 to improve plant performance and ensure reliability. This process is not only for maintenance but also for process evaluation in a bid to identify areas of improvement.

Technical Support

We have a wide range of technical services that will help improve your plant and its maintenance performance. These include all technical and process related issues.

Our technical support division and maintenance experts are available to evaluate the technological and economic performance potential of any of your manufacturing plants and give recommendations for improvement if required.

Technical Assistance: We understand that you may need emergency technical assistance as a result of machine shutdown, or other reasons. We have global presence and our vast and experienced specialists are always ready to assist you in whatever condition. They will provide the support you need and get your production running in no time. Our service and maintenance are tailored to meet your needs as we look after your machines, equipment and plant.

Modernization: We know that plants need constant critical evaluation if they will perform optimally, meet the ever-changing production and markets processes, and have long-lasting service life. This is the whole essence of our modernization services which are designed to get the best revamp options that will meet your requirements. Upgrading your machines and plants will help them adapt to market demands and improve productivity and product quality. This we will do in collaboration with you through our team of experts who have accumulated experience and technical approach in upgrading and refurbishment of plants and machines.

Refurbishment: We offer solutions to update your existing machines and plants to latest standards; install advanced technological packages; update the safety and environmental conditions of your plants; improve plant performance, remove bottlenecks, and increase production portfolio.

Onsite Boarding

We support our customers by providing onsite services that include equipment setup, maintenance, evaluation of process and identification of areas and actions for improvement.

Out total solution to mini steel plants covers concept, layout design, provision of detailed engineering, equipment selection, procurement, installation and commissioning.

Our team of qualified, dedicated and experienced engineers, can make themselves available onsite at the customer’s request to provide required theoretical and practical training programmes to address specific needs and requirements of the customer regarding operational competence, technical and management development.

We also provide onsite maintenance and 24/7 customer service to improve plant performance which will reduce interruptions and enhance consistency.

Staff training & Automation

Our desire is not just to supply equipment to you as we are not only a service partner to you. We are available for a long-term service delivery depending on your interest and preference.

Staff Training: Paras Academy has developed standardized and individual training programmes to strengthen the competence of your staff and develop their professional skills. We share knowledge, experience, strengths, expertise, skills and technologies which will help you solve present and future challenges in the industry.

Developing the competencies of your staff will also enhance plant proficiency, operational safety, product quality and increase profitability. Our training modules are practical, giving opportunities for learning, networking, improving operational and maintenance capabilities.

Another aim of our training is to help you achieve your goals by providing management and core technical skills relevant to the industry.

We have industry-tested experts who handle our courses with the objective of providing technical knowledge and best practices to achieve operating safety. These courses are easily accessible.

Automation: Having been a major player in the metals industry for many years, we offer innovative automation and control systems that cover a range of our products – iron ore, processing long and flat products.

We also design, distribute and install electrical distribution systems for the industry based on the required standards. More so, we produce exceptional sensors and instruments that meet market demands for cost effectiveness, easy adaptation to modern technologies and other essential requirements.

Our automation and electrical systems are designed and tested for quality, quantity and quickness. We are focused on meeting and satisfying the needs and requirements of our customers.